Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is in full swing. If you’re celebrating Christmas and are tired of the same old decorations year-to-year, here are some unique Christmas decoration ideas that you can do this year.

Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorate Your Mailbox

Not many people think of donning their mailbox in wintry decorations — but the result is beautiful. If you have a standard mailbox, consider draping it with wreaths and holly. You can use fishing wire to hold your decorations in place so that they stay secure and make your mailbox festive for the whole season.

Ornament Cylinders

Looking for some decorations to spruce up your kitchen table or your coffee table? Use some transparent glass cylinders or flower vases and fill them with ornaments, holly, and pinecones. The result is pleasant and elegant centerpieces that you can move around to different tables easily.

Use Flannel

Flannel is the perfect material that reminds everyone of the holidays and of cozy warmth. Use flannel in your house this year by draping blankets over sofas or even using flannel blankets as a tablecloth or as a table runner.

Hang Twinkling Lights

Instead of the standard Christmas lights, think about hanging twinkling lights in doorways, on walls, or in your yard. The dull glow they’ll give off as well as their potential as a dinner backdrop makes them the perfect holiday addition to your home.

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