Serena Williams and Lincoln Bring Joy of Snow to Children

Serena Williams Lincoln | West Point Lincoln | Houston, TX

Just before Christmas, legendary tennis player Serena Williams teamed up with Lincoln to bring an early gift to a group of Florida children: snow.

Lincoln set up a playground coated with snow and stocked with slides, sleds, a jungle-gym, snowball makers, and more to greet the cheering kids as Serena led them through a wintry tunnel. Most of the children, who were participants in the local Boys and Girls Club, had never seen snow before. Serena grew up without snow as well, and joined right in to play with the kids before giving them snow globe mementos on their way home.

“What I like most about the Boys and Girls Club is the confidence that they want to instill. You know, it’s so important at a young age to let them learn how to believe in themselves and put them in different environments,” Serena said of the experience. “I love being a role model and I’m not putting on a different face or playing any different. I think it’s so important to be yourself.”

Serena has been a brand ambassador for Lincoln since 2018, with the launch of the fourth-generation Lincoln Navigator. Her own first car was a Lincoln Navigator, and she still drives one today. Through their collaboration, Lincoln has once more been able to give back to communities around the country and make the impossible possible.

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