Remove Winter Grime with Spring Car Cleaning

spring car cleaning

Winter can leave your car in rough condition. Luckily, spring car cleaning is the perfect solution for pepping up the look and feel of your car. From vacuuming the inside to polishing the outside, spring cleaning is a great way to make your drive more enjoyable. Plus, cars that are cleaned regularly also tend to retain their value better than cars that are left dirty. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for cleaning.


According to Popular Mechanics, you should clean the inside by first removing any trash that’s accumulated over the past few months. Once you get rid of trash, you can vacuum up any dirt or dust. It’s best to use a shop vac, and many prefer to have a screwdriver handy to lift up any materials that may hide dirt. Finally, consider scrubbing the upholstery and carpet with automotive interior cleaner for a truly fresh feel.


Next, clean the exterior. One of the most important tips is to rinse off the exterior before scrubbing or washing. Rinsing removes dirt and dust particles that can scratch the paint. Next, wash and wax, but be sure to dry with a chamois cloth when finished. Many also prefer to apply metal or chrome polish as well, perfect for that added shine.


Finally, wash the windows. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water, though many prefer an ordinary ammonia-based household cleaner as well. Be sure to avoid paint, as window cleaner will cause peeling. One good tip is to finish by rubbing the windows with clean newspaper—a trick detailers use to remove glare.


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