McConaughey Lets the Dogs Out in His 2016 Lincoln Navigator

2016-lincoln-navigator-time-to-eatBack in September, the Lincoln Motor Company announced that it was renewing its partnership with Matthew McConaughey for its Lincoln MKX ad campaign. McConaughey may have exhibited his trademark cool in the MKX spots, but his latest commercial for the 2016 Lincoln Navigator has the acclaimed actor going straight to the dogs.

In a spot entitled “Time to Eat,” McConaughey takes a ride in his full-size Lincoln luxury SUV with two special passengers in the rear seats: a German shorthair pointer and a Weimaraner. In the quirky, 30-second ad, the True Detective star consults with the two pooches about where they’d like to eat until he takes his prerogative as the human in the vehicle.

McConaughey’s 2016 Navigator commercial represents a sharp departure from his other Lincoln ads in that he is seen talking to other vehicle passengers, even if they can’t answer them. As opposed to the heavy soliloquies delivered in the MKX ads, the McConaughey featured in “Time to Eat” has no deeper concern than figuring out where he and his four-legged friends can find some grub.

As an actor accustomed to portraying a wide range of characters, McConaughey appreciated that “Time to Eat” allowed him to present another facet of his estimable abilities. Also, he liked the fact that this commercial had dogs in it.

“Lincoln and I wanted the new ad to be more lighthearted and fun, so when they pitched the ‘driving with dogs’ idea I was in,” said McConaughey. “People love their dogs, I’ve got three myself, and yes, I, like most of you, even talk to them.”

While offering a more lighthearted view, the Navigator ad is consistent with the other Lincoln performances delivered by the one-time winner of the Best Actor Oscar. The Lincoln spots prioritize the need for quiet luxury, and the 2016 Navigator certainly delivers on that promise with a quiet cabin and smooth handling that promises a peaceful ride.

The full-sized SUV features a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that has plenty of power behind it (380 horsepower, to be exact). At the same time, the Navigator’s array of family friendly safety features and Sync 3 connectivity ensures a safe journey for you and your passengers—whether they have two legs or four.

As with the Lincoln MKX spots that featured McConaughey, “Time to Eat” was directed by noted auteur Gus Van Sant of I Am Michael fame. Jon Pearce of the Hudson Ridge ad agency values the creative approach Van Sant brought to directing the Lincoln Navigator commercial.

“Gus really understood how to bring the story of the Lincoln Navigator to life,” said Pearce. “The setting, our canine passengers and some pithy dialogue all work together to tell the story of the type of person who likes to drive a Navigator.”

McConaughey’s “Time to Eat” commercial recently debuted during the broadcast of the 2016 Grammy Awards. If you didn’t see the commercial during the Grammys—or even if you wish to watch it again—you can do so here:

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