Spring Car Care Tips For Your Lincoln

Lincoln Spring Car Care - West Point Lincoln - Houston, TX

If you purchased your luxury Lincoln car or SUV from the experts at West Point, it’s clear you have good taste and impeccable decision-making skills. Keep making excellent choices and protect your investment by following our spring car care tips below.

1. Replace Your Wipers: Winter is harsh on our vehicles, and wiper blades bear a significant brunt of the work as they keep your windshield clear from snow, salt, and ice. Start this spring off with a fresh set of wiper blades so you can take on spring’s many showers with confidence.

2. Do a Tire Check: You should check the tread of your tires at least once a season, and the start of spring is an excellent reminder. You should also ensure that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated to Lincoln’s recommended standards and that they are wearing evenly. If you notice any trouble, the tire experts at West Point can take care of it for you.

3. Oil Change: You’ve probably been doing some sprucing up around the house, but it’s time to consider spring cleaning for your engine. Ensuring your vehicle has clean oil and a clear filter is the best way to keep your Lincoln running at peak performance.

The West Point Lincoln service team is standing by to help you schedule your Lincoln’s next preventative maintenance appointment, so give us a call at your leisure.

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