Lincoln Announces New Standard Features on the 2017 MKC

Lincoln MKCThe Lincoln MKC was first introduced at the 2013 LA Auto Show with the first production model up for sale in June of 2014. The MKC has a refined design taken from the second generation MKZ. Drivers have four trim level choices of premiere, select, reserve, or black label. Innovative marketing ideas have been used by this brand for the MKC. In addition to Matthew McConaughey, an Oscar-winning actor, starring in commercial spots for the 2015 version of this vehicle, Lincoln has offered date night test drives giving interested buyers dinner for two on the company.

Later this year, Lincoln will release the 2017 MKC. The company recently revealed some exciting details regarding this vehicle. In addition to all of the expected bells and whistles, this entry-level crossover SUV will showcase several technologies that are new to Lincoln vehicles.

For instance, the 2017 Lincoln MKC will come equipped with an auto start-stop system that will cut the engine while the vehicle is sitting at traffic lights. This brilliant technology feature is good for the driver’s budget and for the environment. It will reduce emissions and also reduce the use of fuel.

Manufactured in Ford Motor Company’s Louisville assembly plant, the 2017 MKC will come with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine that boasts up to 240 horsepower with 270 pound-feet of torque or a 2.3-liter engine with up to 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. The smaller engine unit will have the option of FWD and AWD while the larger engine will only be available with AWD.

The start-stop system is new to the 2.0-liter all-wheel-drive models of the MKC and is standard on the front-wheel-drive version. Also useful for sitting at traffic lights or in stop and go traffic is the aptly named Auto Hold system. This innovative technology allows the driver to take their foot off of the brake pedal yet keeps the car stationary until the gas pedal is utilized.

A power liftgate comes as standard equipment on the all-new MKC. Previously it was an add-on option on some MKC trim levels. For drivers who desire the latest in entertainment and information, this crossover will also come standard with Sync 3 with AppleCar Play and Android Auto.

In 2015, over 25,000 Lincoln MKCs were sold in the United States, up from just over 13,000 in its introductory 2014 year. Since the beginning of 2016, Lincoln has released over 5,000 MKCs in the United States, a slight decline compared to last year’s numbers at this time. Although it was Lincoln’s first attempt at entering the quite popular compact crossover SUV class, it has been regarded as an overall success and is a leader for the Lincoln line of vehicles. The MKC is loosely based on the Ford Escape compact crossover.

As with previous year’s models, the 2017 Lincoln MKC is expected to come in many color options. Depending on the selected trim, options may include black velvet, chroma flame red premium metallic, ingot silver metallic, chroma cabernet red premium, diamond black metallic, midnight sapphire blue metallic, and palladium white gold metallic.

It has come as a nice surprise to Lincoln that the MKC has been a favorite among female drivers. In the past, Lincoln had difficulty bringing female buyers to their brand, however, the MKC has showrooms filled with potential female buyers.

The price of the 2017 MKC has not yet been released, however, it is estimated that it will start as low as $34,185, which is what the 2016 model starts at. Ordering for this Lincoln crossover will begin sometime in May 2016.

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