Lincoln and Google Create a Smart App to Make Driving Simpler


If you a Lincoln owner who habitually loses the keys to your vehicle, or who can’t keep track of where you parked, we have a story that will interest you.

The Lincoln Motor Company, in association with Google, announced that it has built an Android mobile app that will allow owners to remotely start, lock, unlock and locate their vehicles from any location. The free MyLincoln Mobile app is the first of its kind to seamlessly integrate with Google Now cards, thereby allowing Android users the ability to access preferred searches, weather reports, traffic routes and other useful information.

Matt VanDyke, Director for Global Lincoln Marketing, says that the convenience of the MyLincoln Mobile app will be of great benefit to users.

“Delivering unique experiences for the luxury client throughout ownership is fundamental to Lincoln,” said VanDyke. “By innovating with leading tech companies, we have an opportunity to personalize the ongoing interaction between the customer and the vehicle.”

One of the more useful applications of the MyLincoln Mobile app is that it enables Lincoln owners to schedule remote starts for the vehicle based on a specific, prescheduled date and time in the Google Now card. The app can also automate the Lincoln’s heating or air conditioning units based on in-vehicle temperature settings.

For now, MyLincoln Mobile connects with a few select Lincoln models, namely the 2015 Lincoln MKC and MKZ, through a modem embedded in those vehicles. The app will also connect with the 2016 Lincoln MKX when that vehicle is launched in Fall 2015.

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