How Did the Lincoln Brand Get its Name?

How Lincoln got its name - West Point Lincoln - Houston, TX

Sometimes, brands become so ubiquitous in our lives that we don’t stop to think where their names come from. Do you know how your favorite auto brand got its name? Although the Lincoln brand has come to be synonymous with high-end performance and style, its name has a distinctly all-American history.

Henry Leland founded the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917. Leland was an American inventor and engineer, a proud American, and had voted for Abraham Lincoln in the 1864 election. In its inception, the Lincoln Motor Company was founded to produce aircraft engines for World War I, but in its founding year, it also produced the luxury Lincoln Model L automobile. This sleek, sophisticated vehicle cost significantly more than the Model T, but strong sales numbers lead Lincoln to exclusively produce automobiles following the end of World War I.

In 1922, the company was purchased by Ford and developed into the first Ford luxury brand. Around this same time, a statue of Abraham Lincoln was erected at the headquarters of Lincoln Motor Company in Detroit. In the following years, several new Lincoln vehicles were introduced, leading sales to rise by approximately 45 percent. In the true spirit of the brand, the Lincoln Model L became the first car used by a U.S. president: President Calvin Coolidge. Remarkably, the Lincoln brand upholds its prestigious, presidential history to this day, proudly producing state-of-the-art vehicles that are both classic and modern.

Today, the Lincoln Motor Company is proud to carry on the name of one of this country’s greatest presidents. If you need a ride that’ll have you feeling positively presidential, stop into West Point Lincoln and check out our selection.

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