Ford Lincoln to Approach Luxury Vehicles in a Novel Way

Ford LincolnThe Ford brand name has always been focused on enhancing the driving experience for customers. Whether providing customers with improved safety features or more intuitive driving functions, Ford is always innovating with the driver in mind. The company’s approach is particularly noticeable with their Lincoln line of vehicles. With the new Lincoln Continental, the major manufacturer promises to provide customers with an even more intuitive way to drive. It is just one of several quality-of-life improvements that the brand plans to make for regular drivers.

The system is known as the Lincoln Approach Detection function, and it is designed to automatically know when the vehicle’s owner is close to the vehicle. When the owner is close enough, the car can then light the path to the vehicle. Though this already stands out as an intuitive way to prevent accidents and problems on the sidewalk, there is more to this function than simply providing owners with a smart lighting system. This seemingly small adjustment also allows the Lincoln Continental to welcome drivers if they have friends or family over. It makes the car feel as though it is a welcome part of the family, and it is symbolic of people’s reliance on their vehicles.

The company’s global trends and futuring manager, Sheryl Connelly has said that the vehicle also helps make you feel right at home, establishing a more serene and familiar place. Practically speaking, the vehicle is designed to project large welcoming mats on the ground near the doors when the vehicle’s owner gets within eight feet of the vehicle. This illuminates the owner’s vehicle, and then also lights up the door handles, which makes them easier to find. This cabin lighting setting is easy to trigger at its softest setting, and once the driver has entered the car, the side view mirrors actively fold out, ready in their driving position.

Lincoln’s exterior design manager, Solomon Song, has explained that this is designed to be a more subtle touch to reinforce the brand’s commitment to quality and improving the experience for their drivers. The manager has defined this function as providing drivers with a sense of quiet luxury. It paves the way for future experiences by establishing the powerful and serene message, effortless in its delivery and yet symbolic enough to provide drivers with the comfort they need on long drives or thoughtful adventures.

Though these features may seem to be a gimmick, such as entertainment systems providing vocal cues, the unique quality of silence in these features improve the experience for owners. It makes the luxury aspect seem much more effortless, and the trend itself is only growing among other vehicle manufacturers. Modern advancements in technology are making it easier for vehicles to include such basic functions, providing manufacturers with the opportunity to innovate according to their car’s design rather than focus on traditional craftsmanship.

Another such quality-of-life improvement was developed by the Land Rover brand name. The company created a Tile object tracking option, which allows drivers to make sure that they have everything they need for the road. It tracks things such as keys, laptop bags and even sunglasses according to a tile system. If one of the objects is missing from the vehicle, it notifies the driver. The primary function of such advancements and features is to save drivers time and effort when they are about to head out. Time is slowly becoming one of the largest luxuries vehicle drivers can enjoy, and many fans are excited to keep up with future advancements to be featured in the Lincoln line.

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