First All-Electric Lincoln to be Built With Rivian

All-Electric Lincoln | Houston, TX

The Lincoln Motor Company has announced it is making the first all-electric Lincoln in history. Developed in partnership with Rivian, the electric vehicle will use Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform to produce a product that produces zero emissions and is packed with advanced technologies.

“This vehicle will take Quiet Flight to a new place – zero emissions, effortless performance and connected and intuitive technology. It’s going to be stunning,” said Joy Falotico, president of the Lincoln Motor Company.

It is one step further in the Ford Motor Company’s investment in Rivian. Previously, Ford announced that it would invest more than $11.5 billion in electric technology of their vehicles. This coincides with the Aviator and Corsair Grand Touring which have plug-in hybrid capabilities, and the new Mustang Mach-E. Soon they will release an all-electric version of the famous Ford F-150.

The Lincoln Motor Company, with its dedication to electric vehicles and recent releases, has grown 7 percent year-to-year. This achievement has allowed it to have its best U.S. SUV sales in 16 years. The MKZ sedan will end this year so that the Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico can start production of this new premium electric SUV.

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