Back-to-School Driving Tips: Staying Safe in School Zones

Back-to-School Driving TipsNow that school is in session, it’s important to stay safe on the road. Whether you are a parent, teen, or college student, you should keep these back-to-school driving safety tips in mind. In addition to staying alert, there are some necessary steps to take to prevent serious accidents. Not only will these prevent you from getting a ticket, but they could also save someone’s life.

According to Safety Insurance, always keep an eye out for buses—they’re painted bright yellow for a reason. You should always give a school bus extra following distance, because it can be difficult for the driver to see. It’s also important to stop when the stop-sign is deployed, and to never pass a school bus. This could result in a fatal accident, as well as expensive fines.

Know where school zones are. Most school zones are advertised well, and the speed ranges from 15 to 25 mph. Always keep your foot on the brake, and be aware that traffic laws change when you enter these areas. Not only does speed decrease, but fines increase and no texting or talking on the phone is allowed, period.

Finally, walk better. If you are one of the many walking with students, or if you are a student yourself, be sure to pay attention to traffic. Put away electronic devices, only cross at corners or crosswalks, and look both ways. Parents should spend extra time talking to their kids about traffic safety, and older students should get a refresher as well.

At West Point Lincoln we want to keep you as safe as possible on the road so we’re happy to bring you these back-to-school driving tips.

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