3 Ways to Upgrade Your Car with Your Tax Refund

Ways to upgrade your car - West Point Lincoln - Houston, TX

If you’re not sure what to do with your tax refund, why not upgrade your car and treat yourself? These three ways to upgrade your car after tax season is over and your refund check is in will have you enjoying your ride a little bit more this summer.

Catch Up with Maintenance (And Detailing)

Have you been holding off on bringing your vehicle into West Point Lincoln for routine maintenance? Now that you have some spare cash in your pocket, catching up on missed fluid checks and changes and replacement parts won’t take such a huge chunk out of your budget. Remember that routine service helps vehicles last longer. Treat your vehicle to something extra special by getting it professionally detailed — that’s a fancy way of saying deep-cleaned from the inside out. Think of this as spring cleaning for your vehicle.

Add on Accessories

Things like cargo organizers, remote start systems, roof rails, and electronics are available for Lincoln vehicles and can be installed right here at West Point Lincoln. You can use your tax refund to pick up something special for your ride, which will help you get even more use out of it in the year ahead.

Get a New Car

Sure, this is one of the more extreme options, but if you’ve been thinking about trading in your own car and getting a new set of wheels, why not do it when you have some extra cash? There are a variety of options on the market, and if you come to West Point Lincoln, you’ll find that Lincoln offers a diverse lineup with tons of cool, luxurious choices. Whatever option you choose, the team at West Point Lincoln can accommodate. Stop in with your tax refund and help your dollar stretch farther

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