2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Introduces Two New Themes

2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label | West Point Lincoln | Houston, TX

Most of our clientele is intimately familiar with the sophisticated luxury of the Lincoln Black Label program; dedicated customers just like you made West Point Lincoln the top Black Label dealership in America, after all.[1] If you’re a devout Black Label fan, you’ll be overjoyed to learn that two brand-new themes are being introduced for the redesigned 2022 Lincoln Navigator.

Each Black Label vehicle features a comprehensive theme that is intended to cultivate particular emotions and takes cues from the luxurious experiences its drivers are accustom to. Unlike many other surface-level special edition trims developed by other manufacturers, Lincoln Black Label themes thoughtfully employ texture, upholstery, color story, and unique finishes to create an interior like no other. The existing Chalet and Yacht Club themes are still available, but 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label owners can now opt for Central Park and Invitation themes.

  • Central Park: Per Lincoln Senior Color and Materials Manager Marcia Salzberg, this Manhattan-inspired theme that features woodsy greens with a modern vibe “is all about nature’s lush beauty and the balance it creates with the city’s energy and confidence.”
  • Invitation: Nothing is cozier than a luxurious dinner party at a beloved friend’s home, which is exactly the feeling the Invitation theme aims to capture with its open-pore wood accents and gorgeous stitching.

To reserve your 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label, contact a West Point Lincoln concierge today. When the Lincoln Navigator Black Label arrives in Houston, Texas, in spring 2022, you can be one of the first to take it out on the town.

[1] Based on 2019 and 2020 sales data.

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