2017 Lincoln Continental Blends Power and Elegance

2017 Lincoln ContinentalOne of the most buzzed-about vehicles at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show is the 2017 Lincoln Continental. While the Continental name has traditionally been a glamorous name in the auto world, many consumers may have forgotten it since the line was discontinued in 2002.

After a 14-year absence, the Continental will make its triumphant return on U.S. dealership floors this fall. Lincoln is targeting this flagship vehicle specifically at the American and Chinese auto markets, a strategy which the automaker hopes will allow it to reclaim its predominant position as a luxury auto provider. Two of the key attributes that distinguish the 2017 Continental from the competition are power and elegance, both of which combine to create a unique luxury sedan that’s sure to satisfy a variety of tastes.

In terms of power, the 2017 Lincoln Continental provides a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine capable of 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The vehicle’s all-wheel-drive capabilities are complimented by Lincoln’s Dynamic Torque Vectoring, which transfers torque to the rear wheels as needed for added drivability. In addition, Continental drivers have the option of three settings—comfort, normal and sport—for a greater degree of steering and handling.

The 2017 Continental also provides a variety of elegant technological touches. For instance, LED signature lighting activate once the driver puts the key in the vehicle’s ignition. These lights appear in both the front and back end of the vehicle, as well as in mat lights around the front doors. Moreover, Lincoln’s new E-latch door release allows passengers to open the vehicle’s doors with a push of the button for effortless entry.

The technical elegance of the Lincoln Continental is matched only by the vehicle’s sumptuous interiors. Because Lincoln customers (rightfully) expect nothing less than the best, designers modeled the Continental’s Perfect Position Seats after seating typically found in private jets. In addition to automatically conforming to the passenger’s body shape and weight, these seats also provide temperature control and massaging features for maximum comfort.

The exterior of the Continental is just as impressive. Naturally, the vehicle includes the signature Lincoln grille, which has been slightly redesigned to accommodate this unique model. A panoramic sunroof gently swoops across the Continental’s roof to complete the sedan’s dynamic and progressive look.

The 2017 Continental also comes equipped with a Revel audio system with three distinct listening modes for optimal audial enjoyment. At the same time, the vehicle’s Active Noise Control ensures an environment of comfortable contemplation.

As with the 2017 Lincoln MKZ, the Lincoln brain trust, including Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra, touts the “quiet luxury” of the 2017 Continental, thereby making it the complete package.

“The Continental name has long been associated with the ultimate in Lincoln beauty and luxury,” said Galhotra. “With the all-new model, we are focusing on creating more human, personally tailored experiences for our clients—providing what we call quiet luxury.”

You can purchase your 2017 Lincoln Continental at a dealership near you in Fall 2016. Call, email or visit a West Point Lincoln representative to see if they’ll reserve a Continental for you today!

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