McConaughey Gives Fans the Silent Treatment in New Lincoln MKX Ads

mcconaughey-lincoln-mkzLast year, Matthew McConaughey took America by storm by starring in a series of commercials for the Lincoln MKC, MKZ and MKZ Hybrid. The spots featuring McConaughey’s spacy soliloquies quickly became some of the most buzzworthy ads of 2015. It’s no longer that Lincoln would want to recapture that magic, which is why they’ve enlisted the Oscar-winning actor to appear in a new round of spots for the all-new Lincoln MKX crossover.

One notable change with the new MKX spots is that we won’t get to hear McConaughey’s distinctive Texan drawl in them. Instead, McConaughey stays silent throughout the three commercials that comprise the MKX campaign. In addition, this new round of Lincoln ads will not be a solo affair, as McConaughey interacts with a series of characters designed to expand the creative scope of the McConaughey-Lincoln advertising experience.

While we don’t hear McConaughey’s voice in the Lincoln MKX ads, he offers some thoughts about the new Lincoln project as only an actor of his stature could.

“What appeals to me about this new series of ads is that while the overall Lincoln message remains consistent, the way it is delivered continues to evolve,” McConaughey said in a statement. “It’s exciting to have the freedom to explore and create new narratives.”

Gus Van Sant, the acclaimed director of such films as Good Will Hunting and Milk, is behind the camera to direct the Lincoln MKX spots. Besides being beautifully shot, the jazzy soundtrack and high-class settings offers a radical departure from 2014’s successful campaign.

According to Lincoln Group Marketing Manager John Emmert, the ad campaign for the all-new Lincoln MKX SUV will center on a multi-part storyline that will unfold over the course of three television spots that all sport the catchphrase, “The Feeling Stays With You.” The running storyline consists of three parts: a minute-long ad entitled Welcome and two 30-second spots, Arrival and Winning Hand.

The all-new McConaughey-Van Sant Lincoln MKX ads will begin airing this Saturday during college football games on ABC and on Sunday during NFL games on CBS and Fox. However, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can view all three parts of the MKX series now by viewing the videos below:



Winning Hand

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